Grevillea ‘Old Gold’

How to Grow Grevillea ‘Old Gold’ - Gardening enthusiasts are always on the lookout for unique and captivating plants to enhance their outdoor spaces. One such gem in the gardening world is Grevillea 'Old Gold'. This low-mounding shrub with its golden green foliage and striking golden new growth is truly a sight to behold. Not only does it add a touch of elegance and vibrancy to any garden, but it also boasts a profusion of coral pink flowers that bloom throughout the year.


What sets Grevillea 'Old Gold' apart from other plants is its versatility. It thrives in various settings, making it suitable for banks, bare areas, and low hedges. Those living in hot and dry regions can also benefit from its hardiness, as it can be grown as a long-flowering container plant. Moreover, this cultivar is frost-tolerant and can handle coastal conditions with ease.


In this comprehensive guide, we aim to provide you with all the information you need to grow, care for, and appreciate this stunning plant. From understanding the ideal soil conditions and watering needs to learning about its growth habits and optimal light requirements, we've got you covered. So, get ready to discover the beauty of Grevillea 'Old Gold' and transform your garden into a captivating oasis.

Getting to Know Grevillea 'Old Gold'

Grevillea ‘Old Gold’

Grevillea 'Old Gold' is a captivating and unique plant that adds a touch of elegance to any garden. Let's delve into its origin, physical characteristics, and key attributes that make it a standout addition to your outdoor space.

Origin and History of Grevillea 'Old Gold'

Grevillea 'Old Gold' is a charming cultivar that has gained popularity among garden enthusiasts. This captivating plant is a result of a thoughtful cross between Grevillea ilicifolia and Grevillea juniperina, two native Australian species. The deliberate breeding program aimed to combine the best qualities of these parent plants, resulting in the unique characteristics and visual appeal of Grevillea 'Old Gold.'

Physical Characteristics of Grevillea 'Old Gold'

Grevillea 'Old Gold' is a small shrub with a low mounding habit. It typically grows to a height of 0.45 to 0.65 meters, with a width ranging from 1 to 1.5 meters. The plant boasts attractive golden green foliage, which is further enhanced by its eye-catching golden new growth. This evergreen shrub adds depth and texture to any garden landscape with its mound-shaped growth habit.

Key Attributes of Grevillea 'Old Gold'

Grevillea 'Old Gold' possesses several standout attributes that make it an excellent choice for garden enthusiasts. It continuously displays a profusion of coral pink flowers throughout the year, providing vibrant pops of color to the garden. This versatile plant can be utilized in various ways, such as for low hedging, as it can be planted at 75cm centers to create visually appealing boundaries. It also thrives as a hardy, long-flowering container plant, particularly in hot and dry regions.


One of the notable features of Grevillea 'Old Gold' is its adaptability to different environments. It can tolerate frost and thrive in coastal conditions with ease. Furthermore, this plant attracts beneficial wildlife, including bees, nectar-eating birds, butterflies, and other insects, contributing to the garden's biodiversity.


Grevillea 'Old Gold' is a captivating cultivar that blends beauty and versatility. Its golden green foliage, profusion of coral pink flowers, and adaptability to various environments make it a standout addition to any garden. Consider welcoming the enchanting charm of Grevillea 'Old Gold' into your outdoor space and enjoy its exceptional qualities year-round.

Planting and Growing Grevillea 'Old Gold'

Grevillea 'Old Gold' is a stunning shrub known for its golden green foliage and vibrant coral pink flowers. To ensure successful growth and the best display of its unique features, it is important to follow proper planting and care techniques.

Ideal Growing Conditions

Grevillea 'Old Gold' thrives in a range of climates, making it a versatile plant option. It is suitable for subtropical, warm temperate, cool temperate, Mediterranean, and semi-arid climate zones. This adaptable shrub prefers well-drained soil, specifically loamy, sandy loam, or clay loam types.

Step-by-Step Planting Instructions

  1. Choose the right location: Select a spot in your garden that receives ample sunlight. Grevillea 'Old Gold' prefers a sunny to light shade environment.
  2. Prepare the soil: Prior to planting, ensure the soil is well-drained. If necessary, amend the soil with organic matter to improve drainage.
  3. Dig the hole: Dig a hole that is wide and deep enough to accommodate the plant's root ball. Make sure the hole is slightly wider than the root ball to allow for proper root growth.
  4. Plant the shrub: Gently remove the plant from its container and place it in the hole. Position it so that the top of the root ball is level with the soil surface.
  5. Backfill the hole: Fill the hole with soil, gently pressing it around the roots to eliminate any air pockets. Avoid compacting the soil excessively, as it may hinder root development.
  6. Spacing: When planting Grevillea 'Old Gold' as a hedge, space the shrubs at 75cm intervals to create a visually appealing boundary.
  7. Sunlight Requirements: Ensure the shrub receives full sun to light shade for optimal growth and flowering.
  8. Watering Schedule: After planting, water the shrub thoroughly to settle the soil and provide moisture to the roots. For the initial few weeks, water regularly to establish the plant. Once established, Grevillea 'Old Gold' is drought-resistant and requires less frequent watering. However, during prolonged dry periods, provide supplemental irrigation to maintain plant health.

With these planting instructions and the right growing conditions, you can enjoy the beauty of Grevillea 'Old Gold' in your garden. Remember to provide adequate spacing, sunlight, and water to ensure healthy growth and a spectacular display of its golden green foliage and coral pink flowers.

Caring for Grevillea 'Old Gold'

To ensure optimal growth and longevity for your Grevillea 'Old Gold', it is important to provide proper care and maintenance. By following these guidelines, you can help your plant thrive and enjoy its stunning golden green foliage and coral pink flowers.


Regular pruning is essential to maintain the health and appearance of Grevillea 'Old Gold'. After flowering, lightly prune the plant to promote a compact and bushier growth habit. Remove any dead, damaged, or diseased branches. Trimming back any leggy growth will also help maintain its overall shape. Avoid excessive pruning, as Grevilleas do not respond well to heavy pruning.


In spring and summer, feed Grevillea 'Old Gold' with a low phosphorus native fertilizer. Water the fertilizer in well after application to avoid leaf burn. Using a fertilizer specifically formulated for native plants will ensure that your Grevillea 'Old Gold' receives the right nutrients for optimal growth.

Pest Control

Grevillea 'Old Gold' is generally resistant to pests and diseases. However, occasional issues may arise. Regularly monitor your plant for signs of pests, such as aphids or scale insects. If infestations occur, treat them with insecticidal soap or horticultural oil, following the instructions on the product label. Practicing good garden hygiene by removing fallen leaves and debris can also help prevent pest problems.


While Grevillea 'Old Gold' is known for its drought tolerance, it requires regular watering when young or during prolonged dry periods. After planting, water the shrub thoroughly to settle the soil and establish the root system. Once established, water sparingly but deeply, ensuring that the soil is well-drained. Avoid overwatering, as Grevilleas are susceptible to root rot in waterlogged conditions.

Ensuring Health and Longevity

To ensure the long-term health of your Grevillea 'Old Gold', provide it with a suitable planting environment. Choose a location that receives ample sunlight, as Grevilleas thrive in full sun to light shade. Ensure the soil is well-drained, using loamy, sandy loam, or clay loam soil types. Regularly monitor the moisture levels of the soil and adjust watering accordingly. By creating optimal growing conditions and providing the right care, you can help your Grevillea 'Old Gold' thrive and continue to grace your garden for years to come.


By following these care strategies, including pruning, fertilizing, pest control, and proper watering techniques, you can ensure the health and longevity of your Grevillea 'Old Gold'. Enjoy the beauty of this stunning plant as it flourishes in your garden landscape.

Showcasing the Beauty of Grevillea 'Old Gold'

Grevillea 'Old Gold' is a captivating plant known for its stunning flowers and foliage. Its low mounding dense shrub structure is adorned with golden green foliage highlighted by vibrant golden new growth. Throughout the year, it either displays a profusion of coral pink flowers or is in bud, adding a burst of color to any garden.

Flowers and Foliage

The coral pink flowers of Grevillea 'Old Gold' are a showstopper, attracting bees, nectar-eating birds, butterflies, and other insects. The alluring cream and pink blooms appear continuously throughout the year, bringing a touch of vibrancy to your outdoor space. Complementing the flowers, the golden green foliage creates a striking contrast, adding visual interest even when the plant is not in bloom.

Landscaping Ideas and Design Elements

Grevillea 'Old Gold' is a versatile plant that lends itself well to various landscaping ideas and design elements. Here are some suggestions to highlight its beauty:

  1. Bare Areas and Banks: This plant is an excellent choice for filling bare areas or banks in your garden. Its low mounding habit and dense foliage create a lush and visually appealing ground cover.
  2. Low Hedging: Grevillea 'Old Gold' can be planted at 75cm centers to form an attractive low hedge. Its compact growth habit and golden foliage provide an eye-catching boundary for your garden.
  3. Containers and Courtyards: In hot, dry regions, Grevillea 'Old Gold' can thrive as a hardy, long-flowering container plant. Its striking flowers and foliage make it a perfect addition to courtyards or patios, adding beauty and color to smaller spaces.
  4. Coastal and Drought-Resistant Gardens: This plant is well-suited to coastal environments, tolerating coastal conditions with ease. Its drought-resistant nature makes it an ideal choice for water-conscious gardens.

By incorporating Grevillea 'Old Gold' into your garden design, you can showcase its stunning flowers and foliage. Whether you use it as a ground cover, hedge, container plant, or for coastal landscaping, this versatile plant will add beauty and vibrancy to your outdoor space.

Grevillea 'Old Gold' in Different Climates

Grevillea 'Old Gold' is an adaptable plant that can thrive in various climates. Its ability to withstand different conditions makes it a popular choice for gardeners in both temperate and tropical regions. Here's some advice for successfully growing Grevillea 'Old Gold' in different climate zones:

Adaptability to Various Climates

Grevillea 'Old Gold' has a wide range of climatic tolerance, making it suitable for different regions. It can adapt to both temperate and tropical climates, as well as sub-tropical, warm temperate, cool temperate, Mediterranean, and semi-arid zones. This plant's versatility allows it to flourish under a range of temperature and moisture conditions.

Tips for Temperate Gardens

In temperate regions, where temperatures are generally moderate, Grevillea 'Old Gold' can thrive with minimal care. Ensure that the plant receives adequate sunlight, as it prefers full sun to light shade. Provide well-drained soil, using loamy, sandy loam, or clay loam soil types. Water the plant sparingly but deeply, as it is drought-resistant and can handle dry periods. While tolerant of light frost, provide some protection during heavy frosts to prevent damage to the plant.

Tips for Tropical Gardens

For gardeners in tropical regions, Grevillea 'Old Gold' can still be successfully cultivated. Place the plant in a location where it can receive full sun to light shade. Ensure that the soil is well-drained to prevent waterlogging, as excessive moisture can pose a challenge in tropical climates. To improve drainage, consider adding organic matter or perlite to the soil. Water the plant regularly, as tropical regions often experience higher levels of rainfall. Fertilize the plant with a low phosphorus native fertilizer during spring and summer to promote healthy growth.

Challenges and Solutions

While Grevillea 'Old Gold' is adaptable, it may face challenges in extreme conditions. In hot and dry climates, ensure that the plant receives enough water during dry periods. Monitor the soil moisture levels and adjust watering accordingly. In humid climates, watch out for fungal diseases, which can be managed by ensuring proper air circulation and avoiding overwatering. If the plant is exposed to strong winds, consider providing some protection, such as windbreaks or shelters.


By understanding the adaptability of Grevillea 'Old Gold' to various climates and following the recommended tips, gardeners can successfully cultivate this stunning plant in both temperate and tropical regions. Enjoy the beauty of Grevillea 'Old Gold' as it flourishes in your garden, adding vibrant colors and foliage to your outdoor space.

Propagation and Reproduction of Grevillea 'Old Gold'

Grevillea 'Old Gold' can be propagated through two main methods: seeds and cuttings. Both methods have their advantages and can be successful with proper care and attention. Here is a step-by-step guide highlighting the best practices for propagating and reproducing Grevillea 'Old Gold':

Propagation from Seeds

  1. Seed Collection: Wait for the flowers of Grevillea 'Old Gold' to wither and form seed pods. Harvest the seed pods when they have turned brown and are dry. Gently crush the pods to release the seeds.
  2. Seed Preparation: Soaking the seeds in hot water for 24-48 hours prior to sowing can improve germination rates. This process is known as scarification and helps to break the seed coat.
  3. Germination Medium: Prepare a well-draining germination medium using a mixture of sand and seed-raising mix. Fill small pots or seed trays with the germination medium.
  4. Sowing the Seeds: Sow the scarified seeds on the surface of the germination medium and cover them lightly with a thin layer of sand or vermiculite for protection.
  5. Moisture and Temperature: Keep the germination medium consistently moist, but not waterlogged. Place the pots or trays in a warm and well-lit area with temperatures around 20-25°C (68-77°F).
  6. Germination: Grevillea 'Old Gold' seeds can take anywhere from 3-6 weeks to germinate. Regularly check the pots or trays for signs of germination, such as the emergence of seedlings.

Propagation from Cuttings

  1. Cutting Preparation: Take semi-hardwood cuttings from healthy and disease-free plants during the late spring or early summer. Choose a stem that is firm but not too woody.
  2. Cutting Treatment: Dip the base of the cutting in a rooting hormone powder to promote root formation.
  3. Container Preparation: Fill a small container with a well-draining propagation mix, such as a mixture of perlite and peat moss.
  4. Planting the Cuttings: Make a hole in the propagation mix using a pencil or dibber and insert the cutting into the hole. Firmly press the mix around the stem to hold it in place.
  5. Moisture and Temperature: Keep the propagation mix consistently moist but not waterlogged. Place the container in a warm and well-lit area with temperatures around 20-25°C (68-77°F).
  6. Root Development: It may take several weeks for the cuttings to develop roots. Monitor the cuttings regularly and gently tug on them to check for any resistance, indicating the development of roots.

Best Practices for Successful Reproduction

  • Choose healthy and disease-free parent plants for seed collection or cuttings.
  • Ensure proper drainage for both seed germination and cutting propagation.
  • Use a rooting hormone for cuttings to enhance the chances of successful root development.
  • Maintain consistent moisture levels without overwatering.
  • Provide adequate light and warmth during the propagation process.
  • Be patient and allow sufficient time for germination or root development.

By following these step-by-step guides and best practices, you can successfully propagate and reproduce Grevillea 'Old Gold' through seeds or cuttings. Enjoy expanding your garden with this beautiful and vibrant plant.

Troubleshooting Common Issues with Grevillea 'Old Gold'

Grevillea 'Old Gold' is generally a hardy plant, but like any other plant, it may encounter some problems. By being aware of common issues and knowing how to address them, you can keep your Grevillea 'Old Gold' healthy and thriving. Here are some common problems that growers may encounter, along with solutions and preventative measures:

1. Disease Issues

  • Problem: Grevillea 'Old Gold' is susceptible to fungal diseases, such as root rot and leaf spot, especially in humid conditions.
  • Solution: Improve air circulation around the plant by pruning away overcrowded branches. Avoid overwatering and ensure good drainage to prevent root rot. If leaf spot occurs, remove and destroy the affected leaves. Consider applying a suitable fungicide following the manufacturer's instructions.

2. Pest Infestation

  • Problem: Grevillea 'Old Gold' may be attacked by common garden pests like aphids, scale insects, and spider mites.
  • Solution: Regularly inspect the plant for pest infestations, paying close attention to the undersides of leaves. Use a strong jet of water to dislodge aphids and spider mites. For scale infestations, gently scrub affected areas with a brush dipped in soapy water. Consider using insecticidal sprays or oils labeled for use on grevilleas if the infestation persists.

3. Nutrient Deficiencies

  • Problem: Grevillea 'Old Gold' may display signs of nutrient deficiencies, such as yellowing leaves or poor growth, if it lacks essential nutrients.
  • Solution: Conduct a soil test to determine any nutrient deficiencies. Apply a balanced slow-release fertilizer formulated for native plants, following the recommended dosage. Consider supplementing with micronutrients like iron and magnesium if deficiencies are detected. Always water in the fertilizer to prevent leaf burn.

Preventative Measures

  • Good Cultural Practices: Ensure that Grevillea 'Old Gold' is planted in well-drained soil and exposed to adequate sunlight. Avoid overwatering and water at the base of the plant to reduce moisture on the foliage, which can lead to fungal diseases.
  • Regular Inspections: Regularly inspect your plants for any signs of pests or diseases. Early detection and intervention can prevent issues from escalating.
  • Proper Pruning: Prune away dead or diseased branches to improve air circulation and promote overall plant health.

Taking proactive measures and promptly addressing any problems will help keep your Grevillea 'Old Gold' healthy and vibrant. With proper care, your plant will continue to showcase its golden foliage and coral pink flowers, enhancing the beauty of your garden.


In conclusion, Grevillea 'Old Gold' is a remarkable plant that adds beauty and value to any garden. With its stunning golden foliage and coral pink flowers, it is sure to be a standout feature. Whether you choose to propagate it from seeds or cuttings, this plant can be successfully grown with proper care and attention.


By following the step-by-step guides and best practices outlined in this article, you can propagate and reproduce Grevillea 'Old Gold' in your garden. Remember to address common issues such as diseases, pests, and nutrient deficiencies promptly, and take preventative measures to keep the plant healthy.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to enjoy this exceptional plant in your garden. Give Grevillea 'Old Gold' a chance and experience the joy of growing and caring for such a magnificent addition to your outdoor space.

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